Teach For The Gambia

An education revolution for social justice: powered by communities rooted in holistic, liberatory, and indigenous pedagogy & leadership.


The Opportunity

Teach For The Gambia leverages Gambia's strengths

60% Youth Population

A History of Resilience

Deep Community spirit

to end educational injustice in The Gambia:

• ⅓ of Gambian children are out of school

• 71% of Gambian students do not complete Grade 12

• ⅓ of Gambian children are out of school

Our Vision

One day every child in The Gambia will have access to an excellent holistic education that compassionately nurtures their potential; and equips them with the proficiencies, agency, dispositions and awareness they need to achieve liberation (self-reliance & self-determination) for themselves and their communities.

Leadership is the Solution

We are building a movement of revolutionary leaders (Wangarni) to eliminate educational injustice in The Gambia.

We must dare to invent the future.

~ Thomas Sankara