Teach For The Gambia

An education revolution for social justice: powered by communities rooted in holistic, liberatory, and indigenous pedagogy & leadership.


Wangarni Fellowship

Nation Builders Wanted

We are recruiting Gambia’s most unconventional and promising leaders to build a Gambia where all children can thrive.

Transform Yourself & Outcomes for children 2 Years.
The Wangarni Fellowship is an intensive, difficult, yet highly rewarding two-year transformational leadership experience. Designed to give aspiring revolutionary leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they contribute to transforming the education system. Wangarni serves as full-time teachers in disinvested early childhood schools to transform outcomes for ALL children, deepen their understanding of the education landscape and gain an in-depth understanding of the roots of education injustice. As Alumni, Wangarni work in positions of influence on a global and local level to lead a radically different education and social system where all children have the opportunity to thrive.

Why Wangarni Fellowship?

• Help Your Country overcome one of its greatest challenges
• Transform outcomes for children
• Partner with community members to transform communities

Wangarni Fellowship Experience

• Mandatory 5-week residential institute
• Two Year Placement as a Full-Time Teacher
• Comprehensive Leadership Coaching & Support
• Global Alumni Network

What We Look For?

Teach For The Gambia’s Wangarni come from very diverse backgrounds, but are united by a strong commitment to our mission. Our cornerstones, which are also our leadership competencies; guide our Wangarni Selection and Leadership preparation during the fellowship.

Leadership Competencies

Human Better

We prioritize our self-work, so we can become the change we want to see in the world.

In Communion with Community

We truly believe that communities have all that is necessary to bring about their liberation, we act in alignment with this belief.

Hope Is a Superpower

Our work is guided by hope in the inevitability of justice.

Serve The Work

We consistently act in alignment with the work of liberation, and in solidarity with those who are oppressed.

Reflective Practitioner

We are continuously engaged in a process of reflection followed by action.

Respect For The Child

We believe that the best way to ensure a peaceful future is to raise peaceful children.


We believe an African centered pedagogy is a cornerstone for our collective liberation.

Fellowship Benefits

During the 2 year fellowship Wangarni benefit from the following

Competitive Salary

An International Montessori Diploma

Extensive Leadership Training

Global Networking & Learning Opportunities

We Face Neither East Nor West - We face Forward.

~ Nkrumah